About Mindy Bangladesh

Concerning the rising number of suicides in Bangladesh, Mindy has opened a platform to listen to the dejection of unaccompanied people anonymously. What’s more, Mindy is working to improve the viewpoint of mental health among the generation.

Also working as an Emotional Support Environment and a safe, secure, and hesitation-free platform for the teen. Where they can ask for any kinds of help.

Our History

Mindy Bangladesh started its journey on 2020. But it was officially launched in the month of August 2021.

Concerning the rising number of suicides in Bangladesh triggered its founders to focus on this specific sector to improve Mental Health awareness.

Industry Virticle

About 22.5 million people in Bangladesh have been found to be suffering from about 13 types of mental disorders in a government survey conducted in 2019. Besides the adult population, 13.6% of children aged between 7 and 17 were also found to be suffering from mental disorders. More alarmingly, the survey found that 92.3% of the adult respondents and 94.5% of child respondents diagnosed with different mental disorders do not receive any treatment. Although Bangladesh has been identified as a country with a vulnerable record in the mental health care sector by the international community, it spends only 0.44% of the national health budget in this sector and has 0.073 psychiatrists per 100,000 population. So, there is a critical need to cater to the mental health needs of Bangladesh and thus, it is also important to look at the current offerings in the mental health sector of Bangladesh. 


Currently, we’re following SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 3 and 9. Which are GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING and INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.