Brain VS Table Lamp – Which Consumes more Power?

-Md Hafijul Islam

Watching Superman in the movies doing almost everything without being tired, we become flabbergasted to witness those fictional moves. Well, our brain also performs as a yeoman’s service by doing almost everything possible in a day. But this special powerful part of our body consumes only 20% of our energy accounting for only 2% of our body mass. Estimatedly it uses only 12-20 watts of power in a whole day.

From soup to nuts, every aspect of our life is co-related to brain activities functioning complex systems in order to perform well consuming almost no energy. On the other hand, even, the lamp on our table usually consumes 60 watts of power in no time. An interesting quote by Drubach mentions that your brain performs many more tasks than your desk lamp or computer. Just think about all you’d have to eat if your brain consumed as much energy as that device!