Mindy is an enthusiastic team of creative individuals who are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. They are a diverse group of professionals with expertise in various fields, including design, development, marketing, and project management. Mindy is known for their collaborative approach, where every team member is encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives. They value open communication, mutual respect, and continuous learning, which help them deliver high-quality results to their clients. Mindy is always eager to take on new challenges and strives to exceed their clients’ expectations.

Mustafia Aurora

Public Relation Executive

Sujana Chowdhury

Content Executive

Syeada Tasnim

Resource Development Executive

Moniruz Zaman


Moniruz Zaman, our dedicated and passionate donor since the inception of our journey, embodies an unwavering commitment to driving social innovation. With an infectious enthusiasm, he wholeheartedly supports our project, reflecting his deep thirst for making meaningful contributions to societal advancement.